Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time to confront the Beast

Its prowling around my house all night growling and whispering is maddening and I've begun to fear that it might attack passers by after reviewing last nights tapes and seeing someone walking past suddenly start and flee as if they'd heard a growling dog approach (my security cameras lack audio to prevent, or at least mitigate, Choir interference with what they record).

While it is still light I intend to head to the park where I first saw the Panopticon flyers. There are places in the park where I can go unnoticed until night falls and I'm certain the Beast will follow me there. The park will give me the most room to fight and since people are not supposed to be in the park after nightfall the potential for innocent bystanders to become involved should be minimized. I'd tell you more of my plans but I don't know how much human intellect the Beast retains (the Rake is known to be as smart or smarter than a normal human but there is no guarantee of the same being true for this thing) and if he is intelligent he may be receiving information from Rake Proxies or Cultists who may be reading this blog. Assuming I live and any injuries I sustain permit I will update after the confrontation.

Needless to say I am taking precautions to avoid being bitten that I will address in my next post survival permitting.

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