Saturday, September 1, 2012

New developments

Not sure what happened to cause it but I'm grateful. Janice seems to be under police protection now. So the kid's safe and that's time I can spend doing other things.

Like getting to the bottom of this Archangel dust bullshit. Since the Timberwolves are on guard I decided to track down one of Mame's flunkies to get information from. The one I found was wearing a Greek tragedy mask (wonder if he was part of a matched set? Suppose I should keep an eye out for funny boy now.) According to him they're buying the Archangel dust for certain members of Mame's new recruits but he was evasive about why. Not sure he knew himself. Once he was exhausted as a source of information I made sure he wouldn't be making trouble for the locals anymore. It was amazing how much of that mask I was able to shove down his throat before he choked to death on it.