Friday, July 20, 2012

Still kicking

Been a little busy to update lately, understandably so if you've been following what's happened in town. This weekend though is going to be rough. It's Bike Time, and as you may have guessed along with the perfectly innocent bikers that means fucking Timberwolves everywhere I've seen plates from as far away as Jersey today. The worst part? This event is being held on what recently became Camper turf. Now surprisingly that hasn't lead to any violence yet. I don't know if the Camper just don't give a shit or if they don't want to cause a commotion with the area this crowded. Or hell, maybe they're still working together to make that Archangel dust shit.  There is another problem with it being on Camper turf though. When I was there today (needed a new motorcycle jacket after that poor bastard who seemed to be turning into the Rake shredded my old one) it seemed every third booth selling beverages had at least one of Camper working it. The Timberwolves would avoid those booths, even the non-local pups, but the normal folks didn't know any better and I couldn't think of anything I could do to prevent them from drinking at those that wouldn't end with me dead, in jail, or on another 72 hour psych hold. Seems there was at least one Runner in the crowd though, all the booths I spotted Camper at were also marked with the Runner sign for EAT in the current appropriate color for this area. There've been other things taking up my time but I'll get to them in a later post. Until then, Stay Alert, Stay Alive.