Friday, May 4, 2012

Runner Sign

I met a Runner today. His traveling companion had recently been exposed to Ink and joined the ranks of Camper. I helped him . . . take care of the situation. Unfortunately it looks Camper pretty much controls the area around Muskegon lake now. The whole damn lake seems to be contaminated, hopefully It doesn't reach the Great Lakes that would be bad. Anyway I noticed him using the knife of his multitool to carve a symbol into a bench near the lake and asked him about it. Apparently some of the Runner community has adopted the old system of Hobo Sign to communicate.  Of course they've needed to add their own both to convey information that Hobo Code didn't include about Fears and Proxies and to avoid confusion. It seems the old symbol for "Okay here, good chance for food" was the Operator sign. I got him to scratch a few of the signs out on a sheet of paper for me and scanned them in for you. They're mostly drawn larger than they would be in real life so you can see them a bit better on your screen.

I especially like the insult inherent in the Timberwolve's sign. All it is is the sign for "dog" enclosed in a triangle symbolizing the Archangel. If any of you run across more Runner signs out there let me know so I record them for the education of future Runners.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is why we don't shoot at the Eldrich abominations kids. . .

It just pisses them off. Good thing no one near by reported shots fired, how the hell they would have explained themselves to the police I have no clue and I don't that gun Mingen has is legal and registered. Also I have no idea where each group was in relation to the other, he could have hit one of his own easily and as Murphy's laws of combat tell us friendly fire isn't.