Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is why we don't shoot at the Eldrich abominations kids. . .

It just pisses them off. Good thing no one near by reported shots fired, how the hell they would have explained themselves to the police I have no clue and I don't that gun Mingen has is legal and registered. Also I have no idea where each group was in relation to the other, he could have hit one of his own easily and as Murphy's laws of combat tell us friendly fire isn't.


  1. I enjoy these videos, it reminds myself of what I used to be like.


  2. I should also add that we don't hit the Eldrich abominations with baseball bats or cars for the same reason.

    1. Although apparently throwing masks on their faces with perfect aim is effective.

  3. The Slender Man is the most powerful and deadly Fear in existence. The best thing to do when one sees him is flee.