Saturday, February 25, 2012

A little "talk" with Veronica

Feeling a lot better, aside from some bruises I picked up during our "discussion". Veronica tracked me down last night as I was leaving a local restaurant. Fortunately I saw him coming and took a turn down an alley where I grabbed up a convenient pipe to beat the living hell out of him with. He on the other hand had one of those fancy retractable metal batons (emphasis on had. I love adding new tools to my arsenal.). After the fight was over he was a bit more talkative than Betty had been. Apparently I'd completely managed  to blow the deal they'd been wanting all that money for, a purchase of Sarin gas. Unfortunately they'd come up with an alternative and their boss had called Jughead back to make sure nothing went wrong this time. Veronica was just hunting me down on principle for blowing their deal and killing Betty.

Their alternative was trading a local Oathbreaker some stimulants and hallucinogens to spike prescription medications with for an aerosolized antibiotic resistant strain of anthrax. Veronica wouldn't say what they're planning to do with it but I have a suspicion. The circus is in town next weekend. That's always popular. Disperse the anthrax through the heating vents in the arena and they send a lot of locals to His embrace. A little tip off to the feds should deal with this I think. Unfortunately they'll respond better if I say I overheard the plotters saying "Allahu Akbar" than "embrace Him".

I didn't have any Ink to deprive the Archangel of His servant with so I did the next best thing. Veronica won't be much use to the Timberwolves after I pulverized both his hands and broke his legs in so many places they'll never heal right. It should make it pretty difficult for him to kill himself too. He's also going to have trouble asking his Timberwolf buddies to do the job for him without his tongue. I took his wallet and made an anonymous call to 911 from a payphone about hearing a disturbance in the alley so he should be checked into the hospital as a John Doe now.

With the Timberwolf threat taken care of for the moment I think I can head home now. The Slenderproxies still want their money back (most of it's gone now, spent on cabs and hotels and eating out since I couldn't go home) but the local Slenderfreaks are mostly bumblers with the exception of that Agent that started this whole mess. Now that the heat's off I'll try to update you guys on what I know and theorize about the Timberwolves soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A bad time to get sick

Feverish, nauseous, and body aches. Hopefully this is the flu and not something the Plague Doctor cooked up. That's all I need on top of running from these guys.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Betty takes a late night swim

Before I explain what happened since my last post I want to clear something up that may have confused some readers. The Timberwolves I've been running from do not, as far as I know, actually call themselves Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. Those are just little names I came up with myself because they happened to be a brunette, a blond, and a guy in a stupid hat and all three are Archie's bitches. Hell they're even all three men. I did however solve Archie's dilemma recently. He no longer has to choose between Betty and Veronica since the three of them made the mistake of splitting up to find me faster. Betty found me near a small nest of Camper I'd stumbled into, I'll have to go deal with that when I'm not running from Slenderproxies and Timberwolves both (until I do don't stay at the Red Roof Inn on Seaway in Muskegon, or at least don't use the indoor pool) but it did turn out to be useful.

Betty kicked down my door late last night as I was packing up to get the hell out of Camper City, population the entire staff and some of the guests. He came at me with a bat and I threw a suitcase at him. While he was swinging for the bleachers trying to keep the suitcase from hitting him in the face I pulled my favorite knife and stabbed him right in the meaty part of the thigh. He screamed and started bleeding like a stuck pig but it looked like I missed the artery (trust me, you know when you hit one of those, it spurts EVERYWHERE). Fortunately it was enough to get him to drop the bat and grab his leg. After a quick punch to the face to shut him up for a while I put a tourniquet on his leg , I didn't need him bleeding out before he answered some questions of mine and I couldn't think of a better place to ask them then next to a swimming pool full of Ink.

No was awake to see me haul him, bloody and bound with duct tape into the room with the pool except whatever body Camper had watching the security cameras and It didn't seem to care. I did bring the essentials, including my bag full of money, with me so I could leave right away when I was done though. Being very careful not to touch the Ink myself I scooped some out of the pool with a plastic cup the hotel had been kind enough to provide in my room and threw it in the face of the unconscious Timberwolf to wake him. He came to sputtering and immediately declared that I should kill him now, he had no fear of embracing his master. I explained to him that there was one class of person I'd never seen getting a great big hug from Archie and that was someone who had become Camper before dying. Betty looked at me, then looked at the pool, and turned white. "So talk quick before I throw you in and wait for the bubbles to stop coming up. What the hell were the Slenderproxies buying from you guys and what did you need all that money for?"

"You fucking wouldn't!" he spit at me. "I know who you are, you're the Proxy Hunter, you don't make Proxies you kill them."

"The way I see it, it's just as easy to kill Camper as Timberwolves. Easier when It's early stage and hasn't figured out the body yet. Now I'm getting bored, so which is it? A big old hug from Archie or a late night swim?"

"Fine, one of their Agents approached us, he wanted to buy a new designer drug we'd made. We're calling it "Archangel Dust", PCP with a pinch of Jimsonweed suspended in our secret ingredient, a form of Ink. It helps amp up the addictiveness of the drugs and as long as they don't OD they don't usually go Camper on us."

"And why in the hell did the Proxies want this "Archangel Dust" of yours?"

"I have no clue. The boss might know but no one told me."

"So who's the boss? If you tell me Tony Danza so help me God I'll kick you into the pool right now."

"Father would be displeased if that became public. I will not displease Father for anything."

"Fine, so what did you guys need a briefcase full of C-notes for then?"

"I don't know the specifics. The boss has a plan to see many people into Father's embrace but he hasn't revealed the details to any of us."

"Thanks, Betty." I said "You've been very helpful. Enjoy your swim." Then I kicked the bastard into the pool and waited until the bubbles stopped coming up. Not wanting to add to the local Camper population I fished the body back out of the pool with the life guard equipment and spoke to It to make sure I was dealing with an early stage Camper. After I got tired of making Betty say things like "The Archangel is a douche." I slit Its throat before it could evolve further and left.

This is not good. The Timberwolves are planning to kill a fuck load of people and the Slenderproxies wanted a drug that's essentially a Dissociative mixed with a Deliriant and backed up with Ink. What the hell could they want with that? Got to move to a different hotel now. No, I'm not saying which one I'm typing this entry from. I'm going to try to get a post up explaining the Timberwolves to those of you who aren't familiar with them soon.

Until then, Stay Alert, Stay Alive.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

They tracked me down

Well, I was holed up in a cheap motel where I thought my only worry was the possibility of the Intrusion hiding in the sheets. Didn't even give my name, just told the night man that my name was Mr. Franklin and showed him some very green ID. Two hours ago three Timberwolves came and started kicking down random doors. Not sure how they knew I was there but it can't have been the guy at the desk, he would have known my room number. I was trying to figure out how to get the window open (don't try jumping through the glass like you see in the movies kids, it's a good way to get sliced to ribbons) when Betty, Veronica, and Jughead got to my door. Wish I could have gotten my knife out and sent at least one of them to give their boss man a great big hug but I had the briefcase in one hand and needed to grab my laptop with the other. While the image is a little embarrassing I wound up beating them all around the head and shoulders with the briefcase like an old lady hitting a mugger with a purse until I got to the door and then took off.

Three cabs heading in different directions later (having ditched the briefcase after the first cab in favor of a newly purchased duffel bag - just in case they were tracking the briefcase somehow) I'm sitting in a 24 hour diner with free wireless wondering why they seemed to want to avoid killing me, what the Slenderproxies want from them so bad they're willing to give them this much money, and what they need this much money for? All I know is none of the answers can be good.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A quick update

Still have to keep in motion. Some of you may remember me complaining about how little money your average Slenderproxy caries in their pockets. Well, the financial situation is a little different when your target is an Agent on their way to meet a representative of the Timberwolves with a briefcase full of hundred dollar bills. The downside of course is that killing the Agent in question and jacking his cash is like kicking a hornets nest. Now I've got a group of Proxies and the Archie fan club out looking for me so I've got to keep moving until the heat dies down and I can go home. More updates later.

Stay Alert, Stay Alive