Saturday, February 25, 2012

A little "talk" with Veronica

Feeling a lot better, aside from some bruises I picked up during our "discussion". Veronica tracked me down last night as I was leaving a local restaurant. Fortunately I saw him coming and took a turn down an alley where I grabbed up a convenient pipe to beat the living hell out of him with. He on the other hand had one of those fancy retractable metal batons (emphasis on had. I love adding new tools to my arsenal.). After the fight was over he was a bit more talkative than Betty had been. Apparently I'd completely managed  to blow the deal they'd been wanting all that money for, a purchase of Sarin gas. Unfortunately they'd come up with an alternative and their boss had called Jughead back to make sure nothing went wrong this time. Veronica was just hunting me down on principle for blowing their deal and killing Betty.

Their alternative was trading a local Oathbreaker some stimulants and hallucinogens to spike prescription medications with for an aerosolized antibiotic resistant strain of anthrax. Veronica wouldn't say what they're planning to do with it but I have a suspicion. The circus is in town next weekend. That's always popular. Disperse the anthrax through the heating vents in the arena and they send a lot of locals to His embrace. A little tip off to the feds should deal with this I think. Unfortunately they'll respond better if I say I overheard the plotters saying "Allahu Akbar" than "embrace Him".

I didn't have any Ink to deprive the Archangel of His servant with so I did the next best thing. Veronica won't be much use to the Timberwolves after I pulverized both his hands and broke his legs in so many places they'll never heal right. It should make it pretty difficult for him to kill himself too. He's also going to have trouble asking his Timberwolf buddies to do the job for him without his tongue. I took his wallet and made an anonymous call to 911 from a payphone about hearing a disturbance in the alley so he should be checked into the hospital as a John Doe now.

With the Timberwolf threat taken care of for the moment I think I can head home now. The Slenderproxies still want their money back (most of it's gone now, spent on cabs and hotels and eating out since I couldn't go home) but the local Slenderfreaks are mostly bumblers with the exception of that Agent that started this whole mess. Now that the heat's off I'll try to update you guys on what I know and theorize about the Timberwolves soon.


  1. Hmm.... Timberwolves and Doctors again... Coincidence?

    What section of the US did this happen, if you don't mind me asking?

    - Have a Nice Day

  2. In this case it seemed an isolated incident with each having something the other wanted.

  3. Hmm.... Interesting.

    I really am not one to believe in coincidence. In fact, I have met few who still do in these times.

    With that,

    - Have a Nice Day