Saturday, March 17, 2012

Being stalked

Went out again tonight, I didn't see the Rake or whatever that was that came out of the City last night but I kept hearing It. Growling, whispering, but whenever I try to find It It's gone. Still not convinced It's really the Rake. I haven't really had contact with what servants It has and besides It would probably have attacked by now.

Saw something else odd tonight. A truck parked by someone's house (just down the road from mine) that said "Case's Electronics" on it's side. There were a few problems with that . . .

Number one it's a bit late for an electrician to be making a house call. Number two, there is no Case's Electronics in my area. I've checked both the phone book and the internet. Finally, this poor bastard has been followed by folks who are apparently big fans of William Gibson. Case is the protagonist of Neuromancer, one of Gibsons most famous novels. So if it makes you feel any better Adam you're not alone.


  1. You know, it kind of does make me feel better. At least I'm not going crazy and these guys are actually following me. And you, apparently.

    Now the question becomes: if they are proxies, why don't they just attack?

  2. Hmm. Puzzling. I don't know if proxies prefer vans or not, but the use of Gibson is interesting. I wonder if it is who I think it is.

    In any case, be careful, Proxie. Watching for two enemies is always harder than one.

  3. It's more than two by now. -.-