Sunday, October 14, 2012

Computer trouble

Sorry I've been out of the loop for a bit. I've had computer problems. Mainly the problem you sometimes get where your laptop grows legs, assimilates a few mice from your walls, and then it tries to assimilate you and bring you back to the Tower (not the Screaming one, the one made of metal meat and bone). So I beat my computer to death with a hammer, incinerated the remains with bathtub thermite, and bought a new one. Assuming this one doesn't try to kill me too you can expect a few posts on the Manufactured Newborn coming soon.


  1. Pity, that you killed the Newborn Instance. I could have taken that laptop and see what you have on it.


  2. Wow. Boy am I glad that it wasn't the Newborn that targeted me. I don't have to deal with my laptop coming along and trying to kill me.

    ...although now that I'm thinking about it, the Newborn trying to kill me with porn spam it a very funny thought.

  3. lol now I'm imagining your laptop having a full screen image of the troll face as it assimilates and tries to attack you XD