Monday, August 6, 2012

What I've been doing lately

I know I've been doing a poor job of updating lately and I've used the recent incursion of Servants of all sorts as an excuse. But I think it's time for me to get back to what I meant to use this blog for, informing you of how to detect and fight Them. I'm working on a post about one of the lesser known threats and hope to have it up tomorrow. In the mean time I thought I'd explain about one of the things that's been keeping me so busy.

You may remember poor Janice from Jcarlson's blog. Well, so do the Proxies. Turns out that, at least in theory, when he made the deal to protect her from monsters it didn't include protection from anything that wasn't actively supernatural. While she doesn't seem to be the reason for the increased presence here it seems that the fresh meat among the Slenderproxies, Timberwolves, and Puppets think that a way to get on their bosses good side is to bring them the head of the invulnerable girl on a platter. The Puppets have been less of a concern after the Wooden General hanged one with marionette wire for making the attempt but Mame seems to find her minions attempts amusing. I've had to kill more than my usual share of Proxies and Timberwolves trying to keep them from getting her or her family, even called the cops a couple times to report suspicious people lurking about her house when I couldn't get a kill without getting caught myself. I actually got the information on why they were doing this when one of Mame's rejects started monologing like a fucking supervillain. Hell, maybe he thought he was one. Fucker kept calling me Frank, or Mr. Castle.

Anyway a couple nights ago Janice managed to look at the window at an inopportune moment and saw me with my knife in the gut of a man wearing a bunny mask. (Seriously? A fucking bunny mask? Have some pride man.) Surprisingly she didn't scream. I think she somehow knew the man in the mask was there to hurt her. She just looked at the crazy man with his knife in the other crazy man and called me a hero. A God damned hero. According to Carlson (the offer is still open if you want out from under the Wooden Bitches thumb badly enough man) she's a bright kid. She should know better. I'm no damn hero.

Anyway, thought you should know what's been keeping me from updating. Next time you see me I'll be telling you what I know and suspect about the man/Thing known as Jack.


  1. Eep Eep~! Big head alert!! ( ・-・)Jajaja sorry, just wanted to warn you something.

    Sometimes is better to elude those you protect. Even if you dont consider yourself the big thing, they will start to sell you the idea. I ont really think you will have a problem with this, but never is too much to warn about something in this "carreer".

    I have no partners not because I didnt have some, but mainly because their arrogance killed them. You, the protector, dont have time for retribution of any kind, or death, we actually never have time for death, what a pity~

  2. Wait, are they trying to kill her?

    1. That's the impression I got from Mr. Monologue.I certainly hope they don't have a way to bring in her head on a platter while she's still alive. Two Timberwolves made a play this week so far. I have no clue what they think their boss wants with an 8 year old girl (or is she 9 now? It's been a long time since JCarlson said his class was 8 year olds).

    2. Stupid fucking proxies. What would even be the point to that?

    3. Presumably her proven immunity to their masters presents the appearance in their eyes of a threat or they feel it would be a major coup.

    4. At that age, you're looking at a 'future asset', not a trophy to bring home like a dog dragging in a dead bird.

    5. It's the fresh meat that's doing it. Even for Servants they aren't that bright.