Friday, April 6, 2012

If this post goes up there's a good chance the Panopticon has me

Haven't mentioned this yet on the blog because I don't want them to know I'm on to them, but I've been seeing a lot more of their vans around. "All Tomorrow's Parties catering service", "Johnny M.'s Courier service" "Case's Electronics", "Sterling Cyber Security". I've even seen an ice cream truck that was marketing themselves with their mascot "Count Zero". They seem to be following me. I've scheduled this messages to post every four hours unless I come in and un-schedule it. I seem to have recovered from my fight with that imitation Rake so hopefully if they do come for me I'll be able to fight them off and this will never be posted. If they do manage to take me hopefully I'll be able to get out with my brains unscrambled.

Hopefully they don't have my password or the jig is up just from me scheduling these posts. But if you're reading this Joo Dee, fuck you there is so a Slender Man in Ba Sing Se.  Also there are four lights and there always will be no matter how many times you ask.


  1. Here's hoping that you are okay, PH. I don't want to lose someone else to those bastards. I don't know where the fuck Adam Krug went, but he's went cuckoo for cocoa puffs real quick.

  2. Go Avatar and Star Trek references! Wooooh!